Market Infrastructure solutions for the new age of global financial markets

GMEX Market Advancement Programme delivers multi-asset exchange and post trade solutions

Providing a combination of digital and traditional hybrid technology and services

  • Market Infrastructure solutions for the new age of global financial markets.
  • GMEX Market Advancement Programme delivers multi-asset exchange and post trade solutions.
  • Providing a combination of digital and traditional hybrid technology and services.

The only offering with a complete end-to-end Hybrid Finance (HyFi) solution that bridges the gap between Traditional Finance and Real-World Asset Digital Finance.

Using two proven engagement mechanisms we enable our clients to use technology to achieve their commercial goals:

  • Market Advancement Programme (MAP), delivering multi-asset exchange and post-trade enablement with an optimal combination of traditional and digital market infrastructure technology and services.
  • Partnership-driven approach, we do not just sell technology, rather we use a combination of fintech and business solutions to empower partnerships and ventures.

GMEX Group

GMEX is a global market infrastructure vendor providing multi-asset trading, exchange matching engine and post-trade business solutions, and Ecosystem-as-a-Service (EsaaS) technology.

With a focus on technology and interconnectivity, we digitally transform global financial markets enabling participants to

  • Launch new solutions
  • Expand operations and scale to meet market demands
  • Integrate digital and traditional solutions to deliver hybrid solutions

GMEX addresses end to end regulatory and contract environment needs for Issuance, Trading, Clearing and Settlement, across exchanges and across all asset classes including

  • Traditional assets– Securities, Commodities, Carbon Credits, Derivatives, FX
  • Digital assets – Security Tokens, Digital Currencies, Tokenised Commodities and Digital Carbon Credits
  • Hybrid assets – Traditional & Digital


Using our specialist and unique technology platform, Fusion, we address global market drivers and innovations in technology and deliver hybrid solutions for:

  • Exchanges and Trading Venues
  • Clearing-houses and Central Counterparties (CCPs)
  • Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) and Custodians
  • Electronic Warehouse Receipts Operators

Bridging the gap

Fusion links existing regulatory-compliant market practices and the latest digital markets operational requirements, and delivers the best technology combination to support market growth.

The traditional exchanges are looking to bring market infrastructure and processes up-to-date and to introduce blockchain distributed ledger functionality. These venues need support to integrate this with existing technology and processes.

The digital assets exchanges are looking to expand liquidity and attract new participants. They are however increasingly facing problems relating to regulation and ability to scale technology to meet the needs of the institutional market.


MultiHub is a cloud based trading and post trade digital market infrastructure platform that as a ‘multi-asset network of networks’. The platform facilitates a first of its kind collaboration across major institutions, regulatory regimes and start-ups with the goal of bringing digital assets to a wider audience.

There are many features and benefits of MultiHub including API’s to interconnect and enable 3rd party services, facilitating faster access to markets, additional distribution and revenue opportunities and a more seamless experience for market participants.


Pyctor is an institutional grade digital assets post-trade digital market infrastructure technology for digital assets. The technology encompasses custody and transactional network services via its decentralised, permissioned and public blockchain interoperable model designed for capital markets participants operating in regulated environments.

GMEX Market Advancement Programme

The GMEX Market Advancement Programme (MAP) is all about partnerships and creating an ecosystem with exchanges and post-trade market infrastructure operators to deliver collaborative centralised, decentralised and hybrid solutions.


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APPG award

Top 10 UK Blockchain company

Market Alert

The GMEX Group issues the present alert for the protection of investors.

It has come to its attention that unknown person/persons are operating in France, using GMEX Group registered trademark and logo and using its previous physical address. These are the details of how this person/persons are identifying themselves:

Thierry Lambert 
Expert Consultant Financier France
1 cours Michelet 92076 paris la défense cedex
Ligne direct:
Conseil en Gestion de Patrimoine Certifié CGPC
Adhérent à la Chambre Nationale des Conseils en Gestion de Patrimoine
18 King William Street, London EC4N 7BP,
LONDON Royaume-Uni
Name of the supervisory authority of the head office : FCA Financial Conduct Authority
Website : https://www.fca.org.uk/ –
Register : https://register.fca.org.uk

This person/persons/entity have nothing to do with GMEX Group and it would appear that this is most probably a scam.

This matter has been reported to all relevant authorities and GMEX Group is following up closely and will take all relevant actions, legal or otherwise to protect itself and the public at large.

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