GMEX Group is honoured to announce that its latest acquisition, GMEX Pyctor, has been awarded Best Development in FinTech of the Year by City AM Crypto AM. These awards are a true recognition judged by an independent, expert panel of industry leaders.
GMEX Pyctor (Pyctor) was recently acquired by GMEX Group, a leader in digital business and technology solutions for exchanges and post-trade market infrastructure. Pyctor is a digital assets post-trade market infrastructure technology offering, which now operates as an entity within the GMEX Group. This leading fintech provides regulatory compliant digital assets network and custody technology, and is designed for firms operating in regulated environments. It offers highly secure digital custody and transactional network services for a broad range of digital assets, as well as delivering interoperability between permissioned and public blockchains.

Before being spun out to GMEX Group, Pyctor was successfully incubated in ING Neo’s Amsterdam innovation lab in collaboration with major financial institutions and regulators and was jointly developed with multiple blue chip financial institutions (both asset managers and banks) and regulators, with a focus on custody of digital assets. GMEX aims to scale Pyctor to the next stage, where the GMEX and Pyctor combined offering addresses the need for a decentralised solution to mitigate security/hacking risks with its Ecosystem-as-a-Service enabling end-to-end trading, clearing and settlement flow. It provides the ideal connectivity between multiple trading parties and digital assets custodians, while addressing interoperability issues experienced in the market aligned with current and evolving regulations.