Article: TradeFi’s Never-Ending Blockchain Odyssey Down Under

In this Bloomberg article on crypto, our Chairman & CEO [...]

2022-08-17T17:04:16+01:0017 August 2022|

Article: Interoperability Comes to the Fore in Digital Assets

Find out more how interoperability is coming to the fore [...]

2022-07-20T09:50:55+01:0018 July 2022|

Article: Challenges in bridging the institutional divide between TradFi and DeFi

In a recent webinar co-hosted by GMEX Group, Amazon Web [...]

2022-06-03T07:42:05+01:002 June 2022|

Article: Bridging the gap between centralized and decentralized finance

Digital transformation in the financial industry is rapidly gaining traction, [...]

2022-05-25T13:20:57+01:0025 May 2022|

Podcast: What is the Hybrid Finance (HyFi) opportunity for digital assets?

In this podcast, our CEO Hirander Misra is interviewed [...]

2022-01-26T12:12:00+00:0026 January 2022|

Article: High Five for the Digital Assets Road to HyFi

By Hirander Misra, CEO of GMEX Group The digital transformation [...]

2022-01-24T07:09:43+00:0024 January 2022|
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