Traditional and Digital Asset Exchanges

The GMEX Market Advancement Programme (MAP) is all about partnerships and creating an ecosystem with exchanges and post-trade market infrastructure operators to deliver collaborative centralised, decentralised and hybrid solutions.

MAP includes:

Market Infrastructure Strategy including creation and operation of electronic exchanges in equities, debt, FX, derivatives, commodities, cryptocurrencies and digital tokenised assets

Ecosystem development with interconnectivity of digital exchanges to create a global network of liquidity, including post-trade, harnessing Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Exchange Business Consultancy in exchange solutions and technology strategy; product development; clearing & settlement; regulation

Digital assets adoption support from all standpoints: economic, legal, regulatory, technical and operational available under one banner, collectively known as Concentric

Technology as an enabler with customisable trading, market surveillance, clearing house, depository and warehouse receipts platforms

Investment in seed stage and early stage market infrastructure and FinTech companies

The Value Proposition Combined

An example of MAP in action:

GMEX has partnered with Digital Partners Network and SECDEX to deliver a complete set of services to issuers, exchanges, trading venues and post trade operators. The partnership facilitates digital assets adoption and holistically addresses business, technical, operational, regulatory and legal requirements.