An article by our CEO Hirander Misra recently featured in the 68th edition of Corporate Investment Times, titled Digitally Transforming Carbon Markets to Restore Trust – Drive Investment and Grow GDP.

Carbon markets are essential for achieving climate goals by incentivising emission reductions. However, ensuring the credibility and transparency of transactions is crucial for their success. The fragmented nature of existing voluntary carbon markets and the lack of standardised approaches pose significant challenges. This not only hinders effective clearing and settlement, but also acts as a constraint to prevent capital being deployed where it is really needed.

We need to collectively come together to synergise the four ‘C’s’: Climate, Communities, Companies and Countries enabled by the four ‘c’s’ code of conduct (policy and regulatory framework), computing (to technologically enable), coaching (to educate, learn and develop) and capital (for investment).

It is time to do the right thing!