We provide strategic business, technology and operational market infrastructure consulting across the full trading lifecycle. With expertise in multiple asset classes, both digital and traditional, and established as well as emerging markets globally.

We have a multi-skilled team, who manage both production support and development, plus a network of skilled resources available for any industry-specific requirements.

GMEX Services

Our Services

  • Strategic Consulting – delivering strategic market vision, agile product development, strategy implementation, project management, and integration services with a focus on future-proof fintech digital transformation. All done in cooperation with our clients including exchanges, custodians, clearing houses, CSDs, banks, warehouse operators and brokers using our Market Advancement Programme (MAP).
  • Market Coverage – enabling interconnecting solutions for traditional and emerging markets, across established and alternative asset classes such as digital assets.
  • Market Operation Services – providing system monitoring, static data maintenance, market operations, schedule and member configuration.
  • Market Supervision Services – facilitating operation of an orderly market and providing surveillance tools for alerting and facilitating investigation.
  • Technology and Business Models – supporting product research & development, the market model and operational methodology.
  • Project Support – delivering full project support for the implementation and deployment of market solutions. This includes project management as well as pre- and post-implementation support for trading, clearing and settlement initiatives aligned with regulation.
  • Ecosystem – using our unique ability we identify, introduce and incorporate appropriate partners to enable a cohesive and successful project ecosystem.


A Technology, Business and Professional Services managed solution

GMEX has collected feedback from issuers, exchanges, trading venues and post trade operators on digital assets:

  • Conscious of the importance to offer digital assets for trading
  • Concerned by new technology investments
  • Uneasy with the Blockchain / DLT technology due to a few scandals and scams
  • Reluctant because of unknown legal and administrative implications

In response to this need for digital transformation and blockchain connectivity, GMEX has partnered with:

  • Digital Partners Network : a future-focused legal, financial accounting and corporate structuring digital assets service specialist
  • SECDEX: a digital & traditional regulated Exchange and Post-Trade Ecosystem live using GMEX technology

The entities have combined a flexible set of offerings, available under one banner, collectively known as Concentric.

Seamless technology and/or services are available to exchanges and trading venues to facilitate digital assets adoption from all standpoints:

  • Economic
  • Legal
  • Regulatory
  • Technical
  • Operational

Components of the Concentric offering can be flexibly selected in line with an organisation’s existing level of digital assets capability.

For more information on any of our services across any of the full trading lifecycle, get in touch.

GMEX Concentric Services