GMEX Partnership Driven Approach

GMEX takes a partnership approach, recognising that clients require our technology to achieve their commercial goals. Using technology as the enabler, GMEX brings business experience, operational expertise and in some cases takes an equity interest.

Our investment focus is early stage equity and token strategic investment in market infrastructure and related FinTech companies, which are synergistic with our services and product capabilities.

Digital Investment Fund, Seychelles

We have launched a Digital Investment Fund PCC (“DIF”) in the Seychelles, which is the world’s first fully regulated tokenised hybrid fund to address pre Series-A FinTech opportunities. We have an interest in companies, which have genuine intellectual property in the blockchain and artificial Intelligence (“AI”) space within financial services, combined with early client traction.

Example GMEX investments, including seed and early stage equity and token investment, in market infrastructure and FinTech companies.

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ALTX Africa - GMEX Strategic Investment in Trading Solutions ALTX Africa Group (ALTX Group) & ALTX East Africa – Mauritius & Uganda
A Pan-African exchange and central securities depository operator
Arabian Bourse - GMEX Strategic Investment in Trading Solutions Arabian Bourse (ABX) – UAE
The first of its kind fully regulated, crypto asset exchange and custodian in the region that focuses on institutional and retail investors
CASE Central Asian Stock Exchange (CASE) – Tajikistan
The primary securities market in Tajikistan
CDSCS Closed Joint Stock Company Central Depository (CJSCCD) – Tajikistan
The national central securities depository of Tajikistan
Demand derivitives Demand Derivatives – New York
Demand Derivatives Corp. is the holding company for the world’s most innovative futures exchange using a reduced-risk Blockchain Clearing House
Digital investment fund Digital Investment Fund PCC (“DIF”)
The world’s first fully regulated tokenised hybrid fund. Focusing on providing finance for FinTech equity projects, Green Finance equity projects and Green Finance debt projects
FinComEco FinComEco Limited – Mauritius
Establishing and reinvigorating local African commodity exchanges and the associated ecosystem to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers
GRC Global Reporting Company (GRC) – UK
OTC Derivative reporting on the back of G-20 reform
Mindex MINDEX – Mauritius
MINDEX Holdings Limited – The holding company for the MINDEX ecosystem.
SECDEX SECDEX Group – Seychelles
SECDEX Group Limited (“SECDEX Group”) enables the SECDEX ecosystem.
An innovative CFTC approved Swap Execution Facility (SEF) for alternative cryptocurrency products
Tokenise Tokenise – Gibralter
A regulated digital asset exchange and digital custody group