GMEX Products

A glossary of GMEX Group’s trading and post-trade capital markets solutions, including electronic warehouse receipts, digital market infrastructure technologies, and hybrid digital asset exchange solutions, including a token issuance platform and high performance exchange matching engine.

Fusion is the full-service trading and post-trade technology that underpins all GMEX Forum products and solutions. It utilises enterprise and digital technologies to cater for fiat and digital trading application requirements.

ForumPortal is a tokenisation, registration and primary issuance platform, which can tokenise any asset in custody and facilitate secondary trading.

ForumTrader is a multi-asset, multi-lingual trader workstation and front-end order management system facilitating order routing to the exchange and market data dissemination.

ForumMatch is a trading system that offers matching via a Central Limit Order Book (CLOB), Request for Quote (RFQ), or Auction model across a broad range of traditional and digital asset classes.

ForumDetect is a market surveillance platform, designed for trading venues and trading firms, providing an In-Tray for alert/case management, a real-time Replay screen for market event analysis and a set of surveillance reports for post-event review.

ForumReports is used by Market Operations & Market Supervision staff to help monitor and administer the systems, providing static data, latest and historic transaction data, and statistics.

ForumIndex is a real-time index calculation engine, which takes inputs from market data sources and, based on defined parameters, creates indices for multiple asset classes.

ForumCCP is a full Clearing House and Central Counter Party (CCPs) solution, providing real-time clearing and risk management for both traditional financial and non-traditional digital assets, including position keeping, credit checking and margining.

ForumCSD is a solution for Custodians, Central Securities Depositories (CSDs) and Registries. It provides real-time registration, clearing, and settlement of traditional financial and non-traditional digital assets.

ForumCustody is a permissioned blockchain platform for settlement, custody and management of traded real-world digital assets and digital tokenised assets.

ForumWallet is a digital vault solution for secure wallet management.

ForumCommodity is a Warehouse Receipts solution for the registration, life cycle management, funding, trading, and settlement of warehouse receipts with an integral registry and depository to hold them.

ForumPay provides a highly secure platform for making international payments, money transfer, withdrawals, and deposits across multiple financial instruments. It connects wallets and payment gateways for both fiat and digital currencies.

ForumHub is a post-trade real-time platform that can connect one exchange/ trading venue to multiple custodians and banks to facilitate credit allocation, netting and settlement for both traditional and digital assets.

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