Article: Interoperability: the misused word in Carbon Credits Markets Technology

Interoperability: the misused word in Carbon Credits Markets Technology By [...]

2024-04-08T16:04:43+01:008 April 2024|

Article: Bridging the Climate Financing Gap: Public and Private Collaboration

Read our CEO's article in the latest edition of FORUM [...]

2024-04-02T13:17:21+01:002 April 2024|

Article: Most Influential Financial Technology Firms of 2024

We are proud to announce that we have been listed [...]

2024-04-02T13:16:41+01:002 April 2024|

Article: CEA International LLP congratulates ZERO13 for COP28 TechSprint Award win

ZERO13, the GMEX Group award-winning initiative, provides a digital climate fintech platform-as-a-service, [...]

2024-02-07T07:59:46+00:006 February 2024|

Article: Introducing the Future: Industry Trends and Challenges in 2024

Bridging the climate tech/climate fintech gap The need to address [...]

2024-01-26T11:30:21+00:0026 January 2024|

Press Release: ZERO13 and XTCC announce $100bn climate finance investment drive at Davos World Economic Forum

Landmark Statement of Accord includes influential global investors ZERO13 digital [...]

2024-01-16T07:00:19+00:0016 January 2024|

Press Release: GMEX ZERO13 wins COP28 TechSprint and continues network expansion

Technology solution selected as winner for blockchain technology British innovation [...]

2023-12-06T14:11:58+00:006 December 2023|

Press Release: Seychelles Government selects SECDEX digital carbon market solution to be showcased at COP28

Showcase in Blue Zone, Seychelles Pavilion, 4 December Presentation demonstrating [...]

2023-11-28T07:30:51+00:0028 November 2023|
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