Press Release: GMEX Taps IBM Blockchain to Support Digital Assets

GMEX Fusion Digital Capital Markets Technology Suite to power live [...]

2020-09-16T08:09:06+01:0019 September 2019|

Press Release: Arabian Bourse receives Initial Approval for Crypto Asset Exchange & Custodian

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of Abu Dhabi Global [...]

2020-09-16T08:09:10+01:0010 June 2019|

Press Release: GMEX Fusion adds pioneering Digital Asset Custodian and Vault capabilities

Providing permissioned blockchain platform for settlement, custody and management of [...]

2020-09-16T08:09:16+01:0016 January 2019|

Press Release: MINDEX, GMEX Group and HYBSE join forces to launch the first blockchain securities exchange in Mauritius

Mauritius, London, 6th November 2018: We are pleased to announce [...]

2020-09-16T08:09:21+01:005 November 2018|

Press Release: Demand Derivatives Partners with GMEX Group to Launch a Revolutionary Futures Exchange and Reduced-Risk Blockchain Clearing House

London, New York, Chicago 11 October 2018. Demand Derivatives Corp., [...]

2020-09-16T08:09:26+01:0011 October 2018|

Press Release: The World’s First Hybrid Cryptocurrency Derivatives Trading Platform Goes Live

Cambridge, London, Seoul 14 August 2018. Traders around the globe [...]

2020-09-16T08:09:31+01:0014 August 2018|

Press Release: USAVE Blockchain partners with GMEX to build secure digital exchange for physical gold

GMEX Group acquires a 30% stake in USAVE, which is [...]

2020-09-16T08:10:11+01:0024 July 2018|

Press Release: GMEX named as one of the leading Financial Services technology companies in UK blockchain economy

Hirander Misra, Chairman and CEO named key business influencer London, [...]

2020-09-16T08:10:15+01:0017 July 2018|

Press Release: ThinkCoin and GMEX announce partnership to develop blockchain-based multi-asset exchange

London, June 5 2018. Pioneering cryptocurrency firm ThinkCoin, a specialist [...]

2020-09-16T08:11:43+01:005 June 2018|
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