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Hirander Misra, our Chairman & CEO, has been invited to speak on a panel at Cap Connect’s Crypto & Digital Assets Investment Forum. This half-day event brings together family offices and private investors with a group of leading digital asset managers, companies and industry professionals who will present on the latest investment opportunities in this field and discuss the operational, compliance, regulatory risks and challenges that need to be bridged for wider adoption. The panel discussion will focus on:

Will the crypto winter turn to spring and who will be standing?
• What are the medium-term implications of the current washout in digital assets?
• What is the path for digital assets in light of ever-increasing regulation?
• Are there segments of the industry which will benefit from this?
• Will we ever see true acceptance of digital assets as an asset class by mainstream financial institutions?
• How does one make money from digital assets in a harsh macro environment like the present one?

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