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July Breakfast Briefing: How are digital assets and blockchain being used to drive ESG goals and how compatible is the technology with those goals?
What are the market trends in digital ESG and how can blockchain technology support and enable sustainability initiatives?

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are frequently criticised in media headlines for their environmental impact. Whilst the technology is developing with the move to green Bitcoin mining, the transition of Ethereum to proof-of-stake and so on, are these negative headlines a fair representation of the technology’s ESG potential?

What are the positives that distributed ledger technology can bring in ESG, such as use of blockchain to provide transparency in ESG investing or using blockchain networks and tokens as a tool for incentivising sustainability or supporting diversity and social impact? And how can Web 3 technologies be utilised to further social impact projects?

Can blockchain open up access to ESG projects? For example, by knitting together fragmented initiatives, providing access to multiple liquidity pools and access to registries. Can it do so with a lower carbon footprint than would otherwise be achievable? How can the ESG community come together with the digital asset community to harness the best expertise from both worlds?


  • Helen Disney, Director of Blockchain and Digital Assets, The Realization Group (Moderator)
  • Laura Clatworthy, Partner, Rosenblatt
  • Hirander Misra, Chairman and CEO, ZERO13
  • Noleen Mariappen, Founder and CEO, Impactoverse
  • Devina Paul, CFO, Zumo

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