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The digital transformation of the financial services industry has gained accelerated traction over the last few years with the increasing adoption of blockchain solutions and digital assets. Nonetheless, as finance evolves (i.e. Finance 4.0 emergence), there is a growing demand to access and provide a full range of digital products and services alongside
traditional offerings.

Key topics that will be explored:

  • What are the key areas of Traditional Finance (TradFi) that need to evolve and adapt to embrace Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
  • Considerations to embracing these changes
    • Will there be peaceful coexistence (i.e. hybrid approach) between centralized and decentralized finance or all-out disruption?
    • What are the regulatory implications?
    • What are the use cases and how can technology enable them?
  • Steps that can be achieved in practice
    • Most financial participants are still off-chain
    • Addressing fragmentation as a result of multiple blockchains and lack of integration into their traditional systems to ensure a cohesive approach

Suggested Panellists:

  • Helen Disney, Principle at The Realization Group (Moderator)
  • Nicolas Steiner, Director Strategy and Innovation – EMEA & APAC at Invesco
  • Anoop Nannra, Global Blockchain Segment Leader at AWS
  • Hirander Misra, CEO of GMEX Group
  • Hugh Richards, Managing Director of Products and Solutions at DXC Luxoft
  • Hervé Francois, CEO of Pyctor (and ING’s Financial Markets Digital Assets Initiative Lead)
  • Arushi Goel, Blockchain and Data Policy at World Economic Forum


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