Hybrid Digital Asset Solutions

GMEX Fusion is a unique integrated centralised and distributed ledger technology suite delivering state-of-the-art, multi-asset trading, order matching engine and post-trade solutions, which enable traditional and digital capital markets by embracing the best of both. We provide solutions across the full trading lifecycle, supporting end to end regulatory and contract environments for issuance, trading, exchange matching, clearing, settlement and custody of securities across traditional, digital and alternative asset classes.

WIth ease of deployment, scalability, reliability and interconnectivity as key design features, GMEX Fusion has been engineered to provide solutions for the new age of trading overcoming the limitations of current market systems. It is offered either on-premise, cloud-based or via a managed service operated by experienced market practitioners.

The new trading suite paradigm enables Exchange 2.0 the next phase of global market development.

GMEX Fusion

Why GMEX Fusion?

GMEX Fusion has been created to support the latest technology and business challenges impacting the way traditional exchanges are looking to operate, as well as to address the demands from the digital assets exchanges and emerging markets looking to start-up or enhance their exchange ecosystem and support digital assets. GMEX is working with many of these entities across multiple jurisdictions.

GMEX Fusion Approach

We have combined established GMEX technology with the latest blockchain technology solutions; including IBM Blockchain Platform, Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum and other distributed ledger technology platforms; to deliver technologically advanced institutional grade future-proofed solutions that  take advantage of the inherent positive characteristics of both traditional and digital market infrastructure.

Deployed globally, GMEX Fusion is the first truly-hybrid exchange and post trade ecosystem bridging the gap between traditional and digital capital markets, underpinned by regulatory frameworks. This encompasses conventional and digital assets, digital currencies, security tokens, and digital securitisation of traditional assets including derivatives and commodities, creating our suite of hybrid digital asset solutions.

hybrid digital asset solutions

IBM Case Study

GMEX is using IBM Blockchain technology to breakdown the siloes between trading entities and create the middleware that allows different blockchain networks to communicate with each other.

This facilitates the movement of assets from one custodian to another, reinventing how markets are traded, cleared and settled. GMEX’s blockchain platform solution makes moving assets from one entity to another faster and more seamless, overcoming lag time and increasing visibility of the process.

“The key benefits of the second wave of Blockchain is there’s more seamless integration between multiple nodes of activity in a very coherent fashion. This leads to more efficient trading.”

Hirander Misra, CEO, GMEX Group