GMEX Innovation brings strategic vision to financial services projects, delivering technology, business, and product innovation; integrating all three in order to deliver cohesive solutions, using the latest innovations in trading technologies.


Our experienced research and development teams leverage the latest methodologies and technologies ensuring the best use of the most appropriate technology for the project including hardware, infrastructure, and software – delivering financial services innovation to every project.

The capital markets technology stack and data model are built with an agile and customisable approach, allowing them to cater for any, and multiple, asset class requirements across both trading and post-trade applications.

Proven market-leading design elements:

  • Performance – demonstrably superior performance both hardware and software.
  • Speed to market – significantly shorter development, testing and release cycles resulting in reduced delivery risk and faster implementation, plus the ability to add new functionality at any time.
  • Cost-effectiveness – Our technology stack is based on open-source components removing the high costs of third-party licenses (i.e. no database licenses such as Oracle or Microsoft operating systems) and simplifying support.
  • Efficiency – Our core code is performance optimised ensuring it can run on a very small server footprint, enabling reduced hardware, network infrastructure and hosting costs. Multiple Forum products can be run on the same hardware.

We have a proven reputation for delivery and reliability. We follow an agile process with all builds undergoing continuous automated integration testing on a dedicated build server.  The iterative process involves frequent releases to a system test environment where both White box and Black box testing techniques are used to assure quality before progression to the pre-production servers.

Development Process

We follow an agile development process with the emphasis on frequent releases to a test environment and continuous automated testing. Design decisions such as security are validated via periodic external review. Formal documentation is maintained and includes the System Design, User Guides and any externally published interfaces. Production upgrades go through a formal Change process and are managed out of hours.

Innovations in trading technologies


Harnessing technology as an enabler for establishing new opportunities our multiple engagements across the globe are the result of defining new initiatives for exchanges, including products that were not previously available, and unlocking value across a full range of asset classes.

We achieve this by pushing the boundaries on centralised technologies; in the electronic exchange, ‘Hybrid’ voice-brokered market and associated post-trade domains; as well as delivery of blockchain distributed ledger technologies (DLT) to underpin new solutions.


We deliver a range of technologically advanced market leading initiatives in trading, clearing and settlement, as well as regulation and compliance. As an agile organisation we can deploy new markets and markets segments including post trade infrastructure rapidly.

GMEX looks to include appropriate business synergies with other exchange partnerships in place, as well as work with exchange partners to drive regional strategy with neighbouring exchanges on trading, clearing and settlement with international access.

Examples where GMEX has engaged in strategic product development to support multiple ventures include Arabian Bourse and SECDEX.  The management team of GMEX is involved on a regular basis to support product structuring and liquidity generation. Activities include formulation of digital assets derivatives contracts, Exchange Traded Funds and spot product specifications.

For more information on how we employ the latest innovations in trading technologies, contact us.