International Payment Gateways

ForumPay provides a simple and secure platform for making international digital payments, money transfer, withdrawals, and deposits across multiple financial instruments. It can handle multiple fiat currencies and digital currencies including stablecoins.

The ForumPay solution is used to connect wallets and payment gateways and is highly-protected with world-class security protocols.

International payment gateways


  • ForumPay has put in place in each layer of its architecture and design unbreakable channels for storing and sharing data.
  • All user sessions and activities are captured with ForumPay’s Hyper Logger utilities that maintain the highest standards of audit trails.
  • A few user-facing features include:
    • Biometrics Authentication, Face Match and 2FA to eliminate any scope of unauthorised app usage.
    • Geo Tagging with remote session control for smart detection and unusual activity.
  • While maintaining security in storing and sharing data, ForumPay will allow instant digital payments with HashPay SWIFT and SEPA enabled systems.
  • ForumPay has a personalised on-boarding experience for all users with automated KYC process and powered by propriety AI mechanism for fraud detection.
  • Clients can sign in instantly from their mobile phones, submit their document proofs, perform video KYC and get attestations verified from pre-integration regional certifying authorities.
  • AI powered KYC modules make the process faster, smarter and safer for all stakeholders.

Video KYC & Liveness test

  • Additional levels of security is through automated liveness tests, proprietary face match and text recognition algorithm.
  • This helps to verify and reconcile user information across all text inputs, document uploads, pictures upload and video test to leave no room for doubt, fraud and fake entries.
  • All historical data is immutable and placed on a super secure network.
  • The eKYC component is available in terms of Micro-services, API driven and SAAS enabled service module.
  • This will allow easy implementation of digital banking services that a digital bank or payment service provider plans to offer.
  • Users credentials are also instantly confirmed and deployed on black list databases and adverse internet research.
  • This will ease the application process and allow for immediate acceptance through eKYC.
  • Detailed KYC reports can also be created, which can be used for stronger insight in on-going client engagement.

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