Multi-Asset Trading Platforms

Providing regulatory-grade multi-asset technology through a unique partnership driven approach.

GMEX delivers innovative, integrated, end-to-end multi-asset trading platforms including both RFQ and exchange matching engines. Supporting new business growth across multiple asset classes, including Equities, Debt, FX, Derivatives, Commodities, Security Tokens, and Digital Assets.

Key features include:

  • Choice of on-site deployment or fully managed software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for quote and order driven markets supporting both global and local regulation
  • Full market surveillance service with exchange trading reporting as required
  • Local regulation compliance
  • Outsourced management of client connectivity
  • Ability to run standalone or integrate with other liquidity pools
  • Multi-asset options
  • Seamless integration with CSD or CCP clearing and digital custody
  • Supporting clients across the globe with individually customised solutions
Multi Assset Trading Platforms

GMEX Technologies delivers the following trading venue solutions:


A tokenisation, registration and primary issuance platform, which can tokenise any asset in custody and facilitate secondary trading via ForumTrader.


A fully functioning web deployable multi-asset, multi-lingual trader workstation, and front-end order management system facilitating order routing to the exchange and market data dissemination.


A multi-faceted trading system that offers integral order matching engine technology to facilitate Central Limit Order Book (CLOB), Request for Quote (RFQ) and Auction models. ForumMatch is a state of the art ultra low-latency, high-throughput exchange platform, which can be fully hosted and managed by GMEX or locally deployed across a broad range of traditional and digital asset classes.


An advanced real-time index calculation engine, which processes inbound market data from multiple sources as inputs and based on defined parameters creates indices for multiple asset classes, including digital assets.


Is a real-time, easily configurable surveillance system for trading venues and trading firms. Designed for traditional and digital asset exchanges, brokers, prop trading desks and other market participants to ensure they can easily comply with market rules, regulations and internal market surveillance policies. Delivered via a browser based application, ForumDetect is fast to implement.

ForumDetect encompasses a range of modules, including:

  • A Market Surveillance Alerts Engine – to provide surveillance and monitoring of an orderly market
  • A Market Supervision InTray – case management to monitor and action cases
  • A Market Supervision Replay – chronological rerun of market events at the time of an alert
  • Market Supervision Reports – to easily view and analyse trading data

The components and their interaction are illustrated in the following diagram:

The alert engine encompasses a number of key facets to identify irregular market behaviour, which include:

  • Market Manipulation
  • Marking the Close
  • Pre-arranged Trading
  • Wash Sales
  • False and/or Misleading Trading
  • Front Running / Client Precedence
  • Order Handling
  • Large Orders (Substantial Shareholding)
  • It provides a seamless transfer between single market and multi-market analysis required for market surveillance functions in cross-market/cross-asset class scenarios

New alerts can be configured by surveillance operators as opposed to being hard coded, therefore enabling faster and easier deployment.

ForumDetect enables accredited staff to monitor behaviour of the market and its participants and allows a venue to demonstrate good practice.


An extensive set of MIS reports generated from activity on ForumMatch as templates in Microsoft Excel or integrated to an enterprise tool.

The reports are designed to be used by Market Operations and Market Supervision staff, to help monitor and administer the systems. Templated reports allow staff to readily 1) view the latest static data, 2) view latest and historic transaction data, and 3) view statistics.

ForumReports includes a substantial set of pre-defined Reports across Administration, Supervision, Market Pricing, Trading and Financial functions.