Pyctor is a digital assets post-trade market infrastructure technology offering, which operates as an entity within the GMEX Group.

Before being spun out to GMEX Group, Pyctor was born in Amsterdam in the labs of ING bank and developed in collaboration with multiple blue chip financial institutions and regulators, with a focus on custody of digital assets. The Pyctor team has a banking pedigree and they understand the challenges in adoption of digital assets and digital market infrastructure specifically for institutions.

Pyctor runs a decentralised permissioned digital market infrastructure technology network which is designed to operate in regulated environments. It provides institutional grade custody and transaction services for digital assets utilising its patent-pending, multi signatory/multi-party approval protocol. Deployed through a distributed operating model, Pyctor leverages hardware technologies like Hardware Security Module (HSM) as well as software ones like proprietary Multi-Party Computation (MPC). The safekeeping solution provided by Pyctor is DLT agnostic and the benefits of this approach are increased security, resilience, 24/7 availability and risk mitigation.

The Pyctor offering is not only interoperable with multiple public and private blockchains, but also integrated into MultiHub, GMEX’s neutral ‘multi-asset network of networks platform as a service’. The platform interconnects multiple capital markets participants to facilitate greater asset portability with more efficient trading, clearing and settlement by connecting traditional and digital market infrastructure to foster interoperability.

End to End Ecosystem


Layer 1: refers to multiple private and public blockchains and their related protocols; Layer 2: refers to the technology or network operating on top of a blockchain to improve scaling and efficiency; typically a sidechain; and Layer 3: upper layer of market infrastructure technology and efficiency that MultiHub APIs and services represent.

Pyctor interfaced with MultiHub provides a complete end to end hybrid digital market infrastructure solution which bridges the gap between Traditional Finance (TradFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with an API and multiple public and private blockchain interoperability approach. This can be coupled with optional GMEX market infrastructure technology to enable the exchange and post trade operators at the nodes or alternatively easily intregrate with existing platforms.