We must learn from the past so that we can change the future! Change takes place in every field, including in the financial markets. Explaining the development of the financial system, from the Barter system up to the computerized systems of the present day, Hirander Misra explained to the audience at the TedXPanchgani event, how trading systems, commodities like gold, and marketplaces, gradually changed and evolved. He explained how a marriage of business and technology has changed the concept of financial trading. Setting up an Agricultural commodity exchange was the next step – this had the effect of eliminating the middlemen and ensuring that the farmers received the benefit of their labours. Small farmers, who were often women, were digitally empowered and saw their lives change. The Social and economic impact of small schemes can create major changes in the lives of those who are impacted by them. A Waste Exchange Scheme can bring immense change to those that generate the waste, as well as those who can recycle it. The changing ethos, with its emphasis on Social media and connectivity, is being felt not only locally, but globally as well! This fusion of the old and the new has the potential to change the world. We need to embrace change so that the world does not pass us by!