At the beginning of 2019 we made 5 market predictions regarding digital, blockchain and crypto acceptance in Financial Markets. In July, we reviewed them and today we continue the series by looking both backwards and forwards.
GMEX 2019 and 2010 predictions
2019 was equally transformational here at GMEX.
In January, we launched ForumCustody and ForumWallet, part of the GMEX Fusion digital exchange product suite, to include Digital Asset Custodian and Vault capabilities. And throughout the year, we have been working with IBM to extend GMEX Fusion using IBM Blockchain to reinvent how markets are traded, cleared and settled.
In November, in collaboration with Digital Partners Network (DPN), a group of professional services firms meeting the demands for digital business enablement, we announced the launch of the Regulated Digital Investment Fund PCC (DIF), providing access to tokenised Digital FinTech and Digital Green Finance opportunities.
We have enjoyed extending the discussion on tokenisation and crypto technology:
Tony Harrop explains GMEX Fusion at BBOD
Hirander talks ICOs
And we start 2020 with Hirander Misra in a Video interview with CoinTelegraph discussing “From ICOs to IEOs to…what? What is the next evolution of crypto fundraising?”
During 2019, GMEX was recognised as one of the Most Influential FinTech Companies and made the list of The Ultimate FinTech Workplaces and Tony and Hirander were named as 2 of the 50 most inspirational leaders in the industry in Financial Technologist Magazine.
Our Chairman and CEO, Hirander Misra was named on the Top 100 influencer list for the United Nations Sustainable Developments Goal agenda for pioneering blockchain technology solutions aligned to FinTech for Good by Lattice80 for the work we are doing with FinComEco.
And we are very pleased that our clients have continued to flourish.
Arabian Bourse received In-principal Approval from FSRA of ADGM as a crypto asset exchange and custodian in June and in December received double digit multi-million dollar investment from HBK-GoChain.
To find out more about our initiatives and offerings and how we will continue deliver agile and innovative solutions to clients and with partners across the global Capital Markets in 2020, please get in touch or meet us at an event.
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Just some of the recognition we have received this year
Most Influential FinTech Companies
Top 100 FinTech for SDG Influencers
Financial Technologist Founders 50
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