In this article by Market Media the impact of the recent Coinbase acquisition of derivatives platform FairX is analysed with GMEX Group views alo taken into account.

Hirander Misra, CEO of GMEX Group wrote: “We will increasingly see the evolution of solutions and services that bridge the gap between traditional and digital capital markets, whilst effectively mapping to evolving regulatory frameworks to enable mass adoption by institutional players. Institutional players largely want exposure to digital assets in the same way as they do other asset classes.”
As a result financial players need to optimize digital asset infrastructure through cloud-enabled microservices and a distributed hub model that integrates private ledgers and public blockchains into traditional market infrastructure, to expand and prosper.

“Traditional exchanges and post trade operators will harness such solutions to digitally transform themselves, as they seek both technology and knowledge enhancing partnerships,” Misra added. “They will no longer be able to ignore the keen interest in digital asset trading from both retail and institutional investors or the need to service the market with trusted digital asset infrastructure.”

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