Dear clients, partners, friends and colleagues,

The second half of 2022, and the beginning of 2023, has been a very busy period for the GMEX team. July saw us successfully acquire the Pyctor digital assets custodial technology and blockchain settlement network from ING. Since then, we have been busy growing the team and working hard to develop the roadmap, with some exciting announcements about new partnerships, products and clients to come over the next few months.

We held our 10th anniversary evening event in London in September 2022 with two great panels, which discussed the opportunities in climate fintech and digital ESG as well as the institutional opportunities for real-world digital assets and the market infrastructure which can enable them. We followed this up with a very successful full day event discussing the future of digital transformation and financial and commodities markets in Dubai in January 2023.

Finally, we would like to invite you to an exclusive event hosted by our client partner Demand Derivatives, in London on Monday 27th March. This company has some great plans to redefine the futures markets as we know them, and it is sure to be a great event.

Hirander Misra,
Chairman & CEO, GMEX Group

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