At the beginning of the year we made 5 market predictions for 2019. Today we look back on how the past 6 months have been transformational in the acceptance thatdigital, blockchain and crypto are something that can no longer be put to one side as “too hard” or “not yet” by the Financial Markets.
The first half of the year has been equally transformational here at GMEX.
In January, we launched ForumCustody and ForumWallet, part of the GMEX Fusiondigital exchange product suite, to include Digital Asset Custodian and Vault capabilities.
In 1566, London’s first purpose-built centre for trading stocks was built as The Royal Exchange in The City of London. In February, we moved in and are very pleased to be continuing the tradition with innovative solutions for a new era of global financial markets.
In March, we were named on the List of Most Influential Fintech Companies 2019 by Harrington Starr’s Financial Technologist Magazine.
In April, our Chairman and CEO, Hirander Misra was named on the Top 100 influencerlist for the United Nations Sustainable Developments Goal agenda for pioneering blockchain technology solutions aligned to FinTech for Good by Lattice80 for the work we are doing with FinComEco.
And then In June, we had 3 pieces of news.
Our latest client partner Arabian Bourse received Initial Approval for Crypto Asset Exchange & Custodian.
Hirander Misra and Tony Harrop were named in the 50 most game changing Founders of FinTech companies.
And last but not least we celebrated our 7th birthday!
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Just some of the recognition we have received this year: