In the newest episode of The Fintech Files Investorama podcast hosted by George Aliferis, our Chairman & CEO Hirander Misra was invited to share his thoughts about the CeFi Apocalypse. They talk about how key players in the industry managed to forget any notions of risk, and how so many investors follow them. Some key highlights in this episode include:

▸ How the Cefi collapse resembles the Great Financial Crisis of 2008
▸ How tech, culture and macro converged into a powerful alchemy that made Cefi possible
▸ The role of regulation and standards across Cefi, Defi, Tradfi

Where to listen to the podcast

This episode, The Cefi Apocalypse, a Documentary: Part 2 – The Cefi Alchemy: a dangerous mix of fast growth and no risk control, was brought to you in partnership with The Realization Group.
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